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Ché Rogers is a multidisciplinary artist who blurs the lines between art, design, photography, film, and sound. Influenced by mid-century minimalism, Op, Pop, and Russian Constructivism art movements, Rogers uses circular motifs and dynamic patterns found in nature, such as: oceanic, sonar and sound waves.


The theme of Man vs Machine is a constant in Rogers’ work, evident in his playful relationship with technology. His recent work features light-reflecting circular paintings made by scratching a canvas rotating at high speeds to reveal shiny metallic beams, domestic/industrial light sculptures that play with proportion by balancing glass spheres, and video works that dabble with artificial intelligence.


He lives and works in Ngāmotu, Aotearoa New Zealand where you can catch him producing live beats for Ché and the Revolution or on the bass in post-punk, shoe-gaze inspired 4-piece, Late for Life Drawing.



+64 277 111 615

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